What type of vehicles do you work on?

We work on most major makes and models. Give us a call and our highly trained Service Advisor will ask you a few questions to ascertain if we can fix your problem.

How far will your courtesy shuttle travel?

Our courtesy shuttle is for local, convenient drop-off. Availability, traffic, weather and other factors all affect our ability to pick up or drop off a customer. Call for details/availability.

How often should I have a Wheel Alignment service performed on my vehicle?

Wheel alignment should be checked under the following circumstances:

  • When your vehicle does not track properly or your steering wheel is off centre
  • When new tires are installed
  • When suspension or steering components are replaced
  • When your vehicle has encountered road hazards or run over curbs
  • When unusual tire wear patterns appear

How often should I service my vehicle's cooling system?

Antifreeze (or "coolant") should be replaced every 48,000 kilometers due to oxidation and deterioration of crucial additives that help lubricate the water pump and protect metal components from rust and corrosion. On some newer model vehicles the Service interval has been extended however these long intervals can cause premature failure of other components. Our M-2 Service will properly inspect your coolant and verify service requirements.

What is Car Care Aware

Be Car Care Aware is a consumer education campaign about the benefits of regular vehicle care, maintenance and repair. The campaign's goal is to build awareness and knowledge to prepare consumers to make sensible decisions about their vehicles. Built around three key message areas of dependability and safety, protecting the environment and enhancing and maintaining vehicle value, the campaign is spearheaded by Car Care Canada.

Should I have my vehicle inspected before a long trip?

Yes! Summer vacations are an enjoyable time of year for everyone, but a breakdown in a unfamiliar part of the country, and perhaps even miles away from any kind of service shop can ruin even the best planned road trips. Have your vehicle checked out about a week before your planned trip. Remember: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Do I have to take my car back to the dealer for service?

Absolutely not. (Though car dealers would love for you to believe this). The important thing is that you have your car serviced by a qualified service facility using the specified parts and keep records of your service.

Do you honor extended warranties?

In most cases, yes. If you have an extended warranty, just let us know before we service your vehicle. We will be happy to talk to a claims representative on your behalf if you have a mechanical failure.

I had a car accident and there does not appear to be any body or paint damage, but the vehicle does not steer properly. Can you help me?

Certainly. Call us and we will make arrangements to have your vehicle towed in. We will inspect your vehicle for damage, and if necessary provide an estimate to your insurance company. In most cases we will have you back on the road in two days or less.

Do you recycle oil, antifreeze and other fluids?

We believe in being good stewards of the environment. Long before there were programs and regulations we always recycled our old tires, metals, oil filters, coolants, refrigerants, oils and other fluids. We also recycle all our paper, cardboard and recyclable plastics.

Do I really need to change my timing belt?

Yes, the manufacturer advises timing belt replacement in most cases at the 160,000 kilometer interval. Some of the earlier model vehicles had suggested replacement intervals of 96,000 kilometers. This is an important preventive maintenance procedure for your vehicle that should not be overlooked. If not replaced it could break, leaving you stranded, or in some cases causing further damage to your engine.

What is this M2 Service you keep referring to?

Our M2 service is a comprehensive, economical bumper to bumper vehicle inspection that verifies those critical OEM (original equipment manufacturer) required services are done. We also physically and electronically inspect your vehicle for problems. This inspection needs to be done annually on late model vehicles and semi-annually on high mileage or older vehicles to ensure trouble free, safe driving. It's a complete bumper to bumper peace of mind service.

The M2 service synchronizes with our top quality total lubrication & Terraclean products to reduce down-time & maintenance greatly reducing break-downs and substantially lowering future repair costs.

It is the culmination of all major manufactures required, recommended & monitored maintenance systems, the aftermarket's ingenious fixes for industry systemic problems and Dan Hansen Auto Repair's commitment to their customers to give the very best service that they can rely on.

As Tony from Terraclean says,"We try to solve very complicated problems without letting people know how complicated the problem was. To me, that's the only way to approach it. The company was founded on this philosophy and it is what drives it today."

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