How does the TerraClean Lifetime Protection Plan Work?

While performing your regular scheduled maintenance, we use premium quality Terraclean & Terradiesel products. Dan Hansen Auto has been utilizing quality products from JB sales and Terraclean since the '80s with astounding results. Our confidence in these products is now (2011) backed by the lifetime protection plan. It has coverage in the following categories

  • engine
  • transmission: automatic & manual
  • brake hydraulics
  • driveline: differentials & transfer cases
  • power steering systems
  • cooling systems
  • fuel systems: Optima also covers oxygen sensors

To qualify, services must start before 120,000 kms, additional coverage if started before 60,000 kms.

* Coverage

** TerraClean

*** Please see us about the "fine print, terms-conditions" as the truth is always in the details.